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Cockpit View FOV Setup

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Hi Guys.
What values in F1 2019 do I have to make here?

thank you! 😊



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Posted (edited)

@TFalcho well you would need to change the field of view setting however the max is -1.00, even with moving the offset vertical/horizontal to move the camera back/up you are not going to see much other than the steering wheel and inside of tyres so you are not going to be able to set the FOV correctly with the distance from/screen size you have

your best bet is just to set it to what feels comftable and gives you best view of the track ahead/other cars around you unless you are on pc and run 3 monitors in which case you may get a somewhat accurate fov


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I understand that to get an accurate FoV the screen size should be the same as real world size. So a 2m vertical post 10m away is approx 120mm high on a screen at 60cm. A simple drawing can confirm that. Do these FoV calaculators achieve that??

A game should have a "FoV Check". One enters eye distance from screen and game displays a vertical bar on monitor. In this case, representing a 2m post at 10m, the gamer having entered 60cm eye distance, the game would display a vertical bar with the instruction to move a slider until the vertical bar measures 12cm on the screen.  Angles, screen size and aspect ratio are irrelevant.
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