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Wasting your time asking.  No-one knows what tracks are still to be announced, and won't find out until it comes out of the Codemasters drip feed marketing campaign.  I agree though, Zandvoort would be good.  There's a lot of those drips to come though if all 22 spaces are to be filled by launch.  Still won't be ordering myself till I know the exact track content.
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Well, we have so far:
  1. Sepang
  2. Yas Marina
  3. Mount Panorama
  4. Brands Hatch
  5. San Fransisco
  6. Detroit (possibly for Demo Derby only)
  7. Hockenheim
  8. Paris
  9. Washington D.C.
  10. Jarama
  11. unknown
  12. unknown
  13. unknown
  14. unknown
  15. unknown
  16. unknown
  17. unknown
  18. unknown
  19. unknown
  20. unknown
  21. unknown
  22. unknown

With the inclusion of Indianapolis, Circuit of the Americas, and Spa seeming likely to me for various reasons.

Of course, if Codies hasn't posted everything by the 24th I'm gonna come on here and give y'all the full list of everything, since I'll be able to pick up the game at Midnight GMT -6 that day.

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