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3 universelle SETUPS für jeden Zweck


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Just wanted to quickly reply to this before I don't replay at all. 😉

I basically try to just have fun playing a game, so I don't want to spend hours and hours trying to find the "perfect" setups and these universal setups are exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Some of the settings, I have a clue what they do, others are completely Greek to me, so these setups are much appreciated. 👍

I've just tested them yesterday in Canada, because that's where my next career GP was about to take place (first career, been playing this game for one month). With the fast setup, I've improved my personal best time by more than 1 second (in a Mercedes, the previous PB was in a Ferrari). I've also had my most successful career race since I increased AI from 59 to 79 after the second career race (like I said: I only started playing this game, AI 59 seemed quite challenging to me at the beginning, but became quickly a little bit to easy - 79 seems the right choice for my skill at the moment). Ranked #8 in an Alfa Romero (could have been #7 oder #6 if one of the AI drivers hadn't ruined my front wing - without even getting a warning *sigh*).

Once I've played more with these universal setups, on different tracks and in different conditions, I might reply here again. But for now, my first impression is that these universal setups are a welcome help for players that don't want to dive too deep into the mechanical/technical side of F1 racing, but are not satisfied with the game's standard presets.

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Exactly what I'm looking for......especially Setup 3 in the hope that I can stay on the track for longer periods. Top speed and competitive timings aren't a priority for me......but completing a few laps without spinning off/hitting a wall or barrier is. Any more set up suggestions would be gratefully received.

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