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I have been playing Dirt Rally for a couple of months now but since I have kids I can only play 3-5h per week. Two things that bother me, since I have limited time on the wheel, is the "Engine Mapping" and "Stop By Marshal".

  • Engine Mapping: Why does it take so long to complete the Engine Mapping? I have 5 engineers and still it takes 4 events with 8 stages on each (total of 32 stages) to complete the mapping. At least for Group B cars. In Dirt Rally it took me 2-4 stages when I had all focus on this from the engineers. Why not have an option to buy this straight away for us with limited time to play? 
  • Stop By Marshal: Just why? Whats the point? It is just annoying. 

Another thing. When I play Career Mode my stage times are not recorded on the world leaderboard. Why? I have to play Time Trial to record a time on the leaderboard.

Apart from this I absolutley love the game!

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Posted (edited)

Engine mapping is almost an RPG type leveling up, not sure why it's like than in a sim, but hey ho.

The stop by marshal is annoying and pointless, and if you have the brake assist on for that it's just terrible. I guess it's to increase the "immersion". The race should just end when you pass the finish line, like it does in shakedowns.

I'd like to see the chase cam locked to the rear of the car's position, the car moves really side-on to chase cam currently, which sucks and means you have to use bonnet cam to get a good view when going around corners. Why model these awesome looking cars if you're not going to make people want to see them?


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Posted (edited)

Why have the engine upgrades at all? Engine upgrades, and all car upgrades, should be removed entirely. A fantasy mechanic that doesn't belong in a sim, and grinding more horsepower for your car isn't really what a sim racing game should be about. Implementing engine maps realistically with no unlock requirement like AC Competizione does would be one thing, but I really wouldn't expect that in a DR game as that is way more advanced simulation.

Stop by marshal: this is what you actually do in a real rally, that's why it's there. Though an option to turn it off entirely wouldn't hurt.

Time trial is a gamemode where the idea is to play the one stage/track over and over to improve your time. Not at all what you do in career. Which is why time trial has separate leaderboards from other gamemodes.

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