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Pure sim

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I hope that future titles go more sim related, not that I’m knocking the gameplay because if Codemasters know how to do one thing perfectly it’s raw racing and, but DR2 almost felt like it had a few tweaked assists that couldn’t be turned off, but mainly it’s not the driving that’s the issue,

for me it’s the cockpit cameras, we need an option to custom move the camera like you do in F1, I would like to change the field of view etc in camera options properly

secondly the camera that was placed behind the front seats needs to return, even if it’s just for replays, miss that view from D4

also a big must for me is MASSIVE improvements to the physics and visuals of the windscreens, for example, if I have wipers on manual, and don’t use them, the full screen should be getting dirty all over to the point where I’m driving blind until I use them, I could drive full stages on DR2 without ever using the wipers and the dirt was firstly non existent and collected on the screen in a way that looked like the wipers were on, D4 had much better visuals on the windscreen I hope CM look to that game to inspire them for future titles

which brings me to my next point, manual wipers, CM I know at some point one of your team will be trading this, this has been a request for the last 3 rally titles, in options, if we set the wipers to manual, they must be off at the start of a stage by default, only able to be used manually, not automatically set on.... please 

better co driver calls, please please please, not that they don’t do a good job, it’s that they just sound like they’re sat in a quiet room reading through the notes, I want a some urgency, adrenaline, between notes, some extra audio, push push push etc just a bit more realistic and creative?

whatever the next game, NO MORE BUGGED TROPHIES, keep up the great racing CM, hope this helps 🙂


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+1 for more camera adjustment, not just in cockpit, but in all camera modes. Project Cars does this really well.

Also +1 for improved calls. I agree he is very soft spoken and doesn't penetrate my concentration as well as the DR1 guy did. That's a me problem but glad I'm not the only one.
My big issue tho is the inaccuracy of some calls, and the poor timing (read timing, not earlier/later, I mean no matter how early you set calls, some he says when you're basically at the corner). There are also numerous corners which are called, for example, a 4 and it's definitely a 2 (the infamous one at the end of the stage in Greece is still not fixed with the remade calls in DR2). 
I will say that the ability to mute his chat at the end of the race is a godsend, thank you codies for listening to that demand.

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