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L1 or R1 clutch for controller simalution ( idea ) + start your motor with button

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-H pattern 

is best positions for the hands ,

1 )R2 accelerate you push R1 (or L1) and cross  for  next gear,  your stop push the   clucth R1 (or L1) and the gear work

2)L2 you brake  and you  push R1(or L1) and  square  you down gear , your stop push the   clutch R1 (or L1) and the gear work

for  handbrake :

you go down your gear   (  same than  2)   ) and when you is in gear 2 or gear 1   you push R1 (or L1)  clutch  with  handbrake with ring ( O )  

so is possible to accelerate the motor  without accelerating wheel  and you have better accelerations on hairpin  and your motor  no have low  acceleration

and is possible to have  better gear ratio example more speed   max  and first gear more long because is possible you play with accelerate pedal with clucth   

for H pattern reverse gear  work  with triangle

same than steering wheel effect 

-for clutch sequential 

you need cluth for the start ,  hairpin  or difficult turn  but for go up and down gear you don t need clutch ( except for sequential  historic car because i see ragnotti video with sequential and he push clutch  when he go up and down gear honnestly i m not sure  )

and reverse gear ( triangle) not work  if you want reverse gear  you need go down your gear to have access to you reverse gear  ( example 3,2,1,N, and now you have reverse gear )

same than  steering wheel 

*i try different option  example cross ( clutch ) and circle ( gear or handbrake)  , or cross and  square ( gear )  but  with 1 finger on 2 button is not confortable

and the other possibility  is :

-R1 ( or L1 ) for clutch 

-R1( or L1 )  or ring for handbrake  

-and up gear with   top arrow joystick right

-and down gear with  bottom arrow joystick right

 is work too


- add information if is the car   sequential gear  is  on steering wheel or is sequential gear  box  for steering wheel player 

- start your car ( idea option )( same than pcars 1 )

 for controller :   you push  R1(or L1) with midle button ( touchpad)  to start or stop your car

for steering wheel : add this button L3 for trustmaster for other manufacturer steering wheel  i don't know, where is button  on the steering wheel 



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@PJTierney is  sugestion or idea  is possible to change place the topic please and sorry 

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