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Why GTA games don't work on my Windows 10?

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When I had Windows 7 I played San Andreas and every GTA games and everything was fine. But now it's Windows 10 and whatever GTA I try to install they all don't work. I tried San Andreas and GTA 3 they can't save the game, show the error. The game is working but I can't save the progress after 1st mission. I've noticed that the game doesn't create a User files folder in Documents as other players have it.  Yes, it all was from torrents (pirates I guess). But what if I will buy the game from Steam - will it work. If Every GTA from many torrent trackers failed... How can I be sure that I'll pay money and it'll be actually working?

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This is the F1 Mobile General Discussion forum, how on earth did you end up here!? 

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