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One Less Set of Tyres on Race

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Hi all,

I'm playing races 50% long with full qualy. By default for Q1 I get to use 3 sets of S and 1 set of M. A 4th set of S will be available once I reach Q3. However, I should be able to use all these compounds in the race, right? (Or that's what I thought).

So now I'm in Q1, and I use the first set of Softs. I make it to Q2.

In Q2, I use a second set of Softs and I make it to Q3. Now I'll be starting the race with these compounds.

In Q3, I use the third set of softs.


In total I used 3 set of Softs out of 4. I left one compound to go for a 2 stops-strategy. So when I jump into the race, and try to go for a S-S-M strategy, I expect to have a new set of S after the first pit-stop. However, I can only choose between the used set of softs.

Why's this happening? Do I have to return some sets of tyres after the qualy? If that's the case, can't I return one of the worn tyres and keep the new set of S for the race?

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The extra tyre set that is given to you for reaching Q3 will be returned. So if you only want to make one run in Q3 (after your Q1 & Q2) to have an extra soft + medium in the race you need to use the 5th tyre set when selecting the tires (not the 3rd one). It's also shown as recommended for Q3 given that it's a free set of tires only meant for that session.

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