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"What is R&D" required to upgrade engiine in Dirt4


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Ah! A Forum dedicated to Dirt2 and Dirt4.

I might have some "stupid" questions in the coming days and sorry that there are some abbreviations I don't understand.

At 74 I might be a little late in the Game according to many, but not for me!!! I use to Rally in Europe starting in 1965 [Austin Cooper SS 1500cc... which of course at 18 we destroyed...] so now love driving on line! Slower reflexes but I have to say, wheel, pedals, curved monitor, incredible sound system from BOSE speakers... wow!!! Who needs a car? And get hurt! ah!ah!ah!

Sorry I am rambling!

So, so far, in Dirt 4, what I am not understanding is when I want to upgrade everything in the car to C or A to B, [I am at D now] it is locked and written "needs R&D]. I have plenty of credit [250,000+] so I don't understand.

I like the tuning! Got it just right in Dirt 4 and not in Dirt 2 yet! Of course it is the under-steer.

Thank You!!! Looking forward for an answer. I imagine it is a simple one yet, mystery to me...

Stay well...


PS: the photo so much reminds me of my youth!!! Except it was English Green with also white roof. gazillion lights on the roof of course! 




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