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Could there be oval tracks?

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RubyRuby said:
They are not all the same, and the oval racing in SHIFT was fun although the 1/4 mile oval seemed more circus than race.

you must be talking about the Rustle Creek track as that was really short would have thought though that if we see an oval Indianapolis would be the most likely one given it made an appearance in Grid 2 but as you say they're not all the same and like any other tracks you see in motorsport need different setups to negotiate them successfully
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Oscar97 said:
There's no need for more than one oval. They're pretty much all the same.
And in Grid 2, it was really boring. No slipstream, you know...

This image is for the most part accurate and to scale. The author points out on the website, that as depicted, the entire layout as drawn would fit inside the infield of Talladega Superspeedway twice.

He actually goes a little into the physics of it on the website. It's kind of brilliant.

EDIT: It appears I have for want of a reason to explain why the ovals are different, stumbled upon a website where a physics professor explains concepts in NASCAR. Interesting.
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I think Loore may have been throwing us a hint. At least I hope so. With the IndyCars, the IMS is a definite. But there have been hints here and there from the Codies that "surprises await" and "oval racing will be a challenge, etc." I think we get at least one more. I just hope it's not a Super Speedway (e.g. <1.5 miles). Then a true IndyCar league could be formed.
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