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Dirt Rally-Causes a Hard Shut Down (No power)


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Hello All!

The game causes the computer to shut down quickly in an instant with no BSOD or error codes. 

This only happens with Dirt Rally, other games such as X plane works fine.
It happens when >Quick Rally>Subaru WRX or Ford Fiesta>(Any Greece Stage)>When the camera rotates around the car and points for the first time. around 10 seconds into the map.

It shut the computer down hard 3 times in the same exact spot on different Greece levels. I am too scared to try any other levels or cars.

Upon state up the computer sometimes hangs up on MSI's motherboard error codes A2, 99 and 9c. 
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Hello Devs,

An update on the issue
The crash continues through the new update.

Graphics card drivers are up to date.
I ruled out the idea of a hardware issue. I ran the computer through benchmarks and other complex 3D games. It does not shut down like it does in your game.

This game is still unplayable for me.

Here is the Dx.Diag:

Thank you for your time,

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Is it possible your system is low on power?
Peaking your PSU during the game and then it just shuts down?

Have you checked your powerusage if your not maxing out your PSU?

If found this on your mobo error code:
"I have an MSI motherboard and got the same thing.

I called them because I am on a time crunch on getting this done. What they told me is it is it an input device causing the error. So unplug EVERYTHING that is inputs including the ones on the motherboard (USB and audio) and try booting with only a keyboard. Be sure things like sound cards and nic cards are disconnected also.

I did this and was able to get the system to boot up now I have to find where the problem is more."
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