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[expectation] irritating bad map view


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would you agree with me that the current map view is useless and annoying?

I often find myself looking at the route ahead or where I am one the track and I have to admit that the current view of the map is completely useless for me, maybe apart from seeing how far the opponents are behind (but in practice about potentially approaching rival inform me directional markers prompting about from which side someone is approaching to overtake us)

@CMTGK is the team going to somehow improve this poorly designed element? I toss the readable map view on an example from the DriveClubdc.png.ed6b53dc3606314df3e25565959d1141.pnggrid.png.1dabe141146655d84f76902a1b1a958e.pngDriveClub


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10 hours ago, CrazySerbianGuy said:

Yes , the map is really small. About the position of the map on the screen, it depends on your taste.
I love the Assetto Corsa system where you can add various UI elements and drag them on screen where ever you like.

Same is about in pcars 2 i hope cm do not cut off this feature and many others in Pcars 3!

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