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2015 Formula 1 Johnnie Walker Monaco Grand Prix


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AMS97KRR said:
2011 Hamilton is the one people remember most of the time for the sulking etc. 

That was just a terrible year all round for him.
Yeah that was a bad year, and to be honest, he couldn't really blame anyone else for it, he just had a poor year on the driving side, getting involved in silly incidents.
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you guys are all too mellow nowadays :( where's that plucky british fighting spirit lol
AMS97KRR said:
hatred? like the hatred of vettel by you lot? I don't make threads to diss him do I? I merely poke a bit fun out of the situation. pot n kettle n all that
If you read a few pages back you'll see me cheering on Vettel to beat Rosberg, and you'll also see @Hughesy and I both saying that it was good of Vettel to say what he did to Hamilton at the podium. And when have we made a thread to diss Vettel? You really are deluded.

You call it pot and kettle, except I and a few other members have softened towards Vettel since 2014, we're starting to respect and like him more since he's moved to Ferrari. So stop your baiting and try posting something that isn't flammatory for once!
Actually there was a thread about Vettel at one point ;) 

"Lets talk about Vettel" or something 
Yea our Colonel reminded me about that thread via PM, but as I said to him, that thread is from a while back (April 2014) and I wasn't the one who created it.

Also that thread wasn't originally started as a Vettel diss thread from what I remember, it was actually started by a fan of Vettel ;)
yeah but it soon turned into a diss fest with you lot lol and I like how you call me "our colonel" im actually beginning to like you :) bet that's a scary thought for you eh hahaha
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