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I downloaded the game yesterday from Steam, and everytime I try to launch it it just opens the small startup screen, with "Dirt Rally 2.0 Not responding" written on it and stays like that. I've moved the game to another disk, uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for corrupt files from Steam, and still nothing. I saw an older post from someone here suggesting to change the launch framerate and the paging size for the drives, and it still won't start. Are there any other ways you guys used to solve this? Thanks!


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Same here done everything you could imagine plus what I've discovered in two days of searching forums and everything. Worked fine when I downloaded it and got 6 hours out of it And 3 months later, exact same problem as you. This is absolute BS on Codemasters part. They say they know of the issue but can't recreate it themselves. It's way too big of a problem not to.

  • i9-9900kf stock clocked
  • 32 gb 3600 ram
  • 2080ti
  • Windows 10

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I found this site and low and behold I found a solution that worked for me. Go to the link below and click on step 13 for a Hard Restart. One thing is that after you've followed these steps, reenable the Steam Client launcher startup service before restarting your computer. This is what worked for me. When I get more time I'll start reenabling the startup services one at a time until I can find the culprit, but for now it'll do. Good Luck


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