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Will my laptop run Dirt Rally!?


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Can someone please clarify if my system should run Dirt Rally? I appreciate it will certainly be around or possible below the minimum specs but I would like some clarification.

Having purchased the game 3 days after it came out I haven't been able to play it at all! I'm continually getting the error code 41 message and sometimes the Dirt logo just flashes and nothing happens! I obviously appreciate this is a development version but having had the game for so long and not being able to start it having paid £25 is really annoying!  Being a rally driver my self  I'm keen to see what it has to offer and give my feedback.

My system specs are:

Acer Aspire 5733

Intel Core I3 M370 2.4ghz 
4GB Ram

Intel HD Graphics 1755MB
1366 x 768 32bit 60hz

Any help is appreciated

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