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Lap records and top speed

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In a racing game, and particularly an F1 racing game, lap times and top speed are imo an important feature, because you’ll be motivated to beat them until the end (even more when you can slowly upgrade your car).

And for whatever reason, this feature has always been flawed in F1 mobile racing.

At the moment, I have 2 tracks that won’t record any best laptimes despite racing them in single and multiplayer.

Sometimes I beat my best laptime but it doesn’t seem to be updated.

On some tracks I have insane top speed registered, well above the top speed I know my setup can reach.

About the latter I realized that sometimes the game somehow cheats by giving you extra speed when you’re losing. Once I reached 340 kph in sector 3 at Melbourne Park which is nonsense. That would explain why I regularly beat my lap records despite losing the race.

In the end, best lap times and top speed become irrelevant, removing what could and should be an interesting feature.

Anyway to improve that?

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