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Ability to edit stage notes

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This would solve the issue of inaccurate or just flat out wrong stage notes (was reminded of this again today at Germany when I hit the one corner that is always called out as a 4 left, tightens to 3, that is the opposite, its a 3 left that loosens to 4). And a lot of stages seem to have really bad callouts in the early sections.

It would be nice to just be able to fix them, or add warnings/reminders of hazards the game doesn't tell you about, like idiots standing on the side of the track on the outside of a curve after a jump.

The two things that cause me the most rage are auto resets (mostly due to idiotic spectator placement) and bad stage notes. Both could be fixed or improved if I could simply edit stage notes.

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Annbank station and Annbank reverse in the new DLC has a couple really good examples of why this is needed.


"6 right into 2 right" and a "6 left/right (depending on which direction you're going) into haripin left/right" are the dumbest calls in the entire game, because if you haven't already learned the course, you'll be coming off high speed sections hearing "6" whatever, and not be set for a sudden slow corner and end up in the trees because in all 3 cases, the "6" is only like 5-10m long, just long enough to obscure your vision, and not let you realize the call is trash until you're already way too fast entering an actual 2 or hairpin corner.

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