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Content and World Series.

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Hi ! 

Like the majority of players, i ask for more tarmac rallyes. Living in Corsica, i let you guess what's my favorite.

All of my team can possible help you for anything.


And i want to talk about world series.

World series are supposed to represent the ELITE of this game.

So, what about wheel angle rotation ?? 

I think you should IMPOSE to use the recommanded rotation in the option of the game for compétitions like WORLD SERIES.

The majority of the fastest drivers in this game plays with 360° rotation or less... and we ALL know that the shortest real rotation in rally is 540° (R2, R5, WRC).

  It would be like playing in "easy mod", cause the game is too strong for them.

I think that the players have to adapt themself on the game difficulty, not the reverse. And then, you will have the REAL elite of this game on the World series.





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