The Subaru legacy and Impreza s4 have ridiculously stiff rear anti roll bar settings. The physics have not changed, its just seriously awful default setups on those cars. For my testing in vr to make sure my graphical settings are ok after any update, i always run wales pant mawr stage, and i always run it in either the group a Impreza ir lancer evo 6 at night in heavy rain (worst case scenario for graphic settings to stress the game fully), and the driving physics feel the same as they always did. I even managed to get 3rd in the world on the last run i did over the weekend. Check the setup of the car, lower the rear arb a lot.

Edit - Figured since I made such a bold claim about my time/lb posistion post 1.13 update, I better put up a pic to show im not talking out my rear.

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