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invisible obstructions.

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I hoped that invisible obstructions in games was a thing of the past, but here we are in Dirt Rally 2.0 only a year since release and there is invisible object launching the car off the road. Apologies for quality I was in a club event using vr, so got the wife to do a quick record on her phone between stages. These sort of bugs should have been ironed out from games years ago. I drove over this same bit of stage half dozen times in last few days in practice custom rally with identical conditions and difficulty/damage as the event. Stage is Te Awanga Sprint Forward. In the twisty section after the big hairpin left over halfway through the stage. 



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I have the same issue. I played for a while without an issue. 
This week I have bought season3+4, went to play again and game is unplayable. On almost every race, I will hit some invisible obstacle, sometimes instantly stopping me in the middle of the road and totaling the car.

Example of that is in attached screenshot.

As this is game breaking bug, I hope it will be fixed soon


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**** quality but this **** made me almost rage quit hard when I hit those logs, I was going to win this stage til that happened.

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