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Red Bull Global Rallycross Round 1


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Perhaps I've been spoilt with the level of PR we have seen for RallycrossRX/World Rallycross, but I thought the GRC did a very poor job with communication for round one. 

All the heat times/positions I picked up were from drivers individual Facebook pages rather then the main GRC page, plus the live timing seems very erratic. I thought the support of Red Bull would improve the speed they fed results back, not slow it down!

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I completely agree with you @tbtstt . I was not a fan of GRC last year but I wanted to give it a fair chance for Round 1 of 2014.

I've struggled to find info about the track and during the heats/races I had no idea what was going, what the format was and who was leading on points! Shambles!

Compared to stadium-tracks they've had last year the one in Barbados looked pretty good.

With Euro RX last year even when they didn't have live coverage they had highlights clips out in a couple of hours. GRC Youtube channel is kind of dead right now...

I look forward to some good edits of Lewis vs Ken, but overall the GRC in Barbados was a bit of a mess in my view
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Yeah I managed to see some of the X-Games coverage. Not the best races really but I guess they can't all be winners. Was nice to see all the names I recognised from DiRT 2 racing each other though!
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