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Awesome suggestion

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Hey CM, you know what would be awesome?

A game that does not crash on every other stage. Actually, just picture freezes, you can continue driving tho, Phil will continue to give you instructions, it`s just that the picture is frozen. Hell, you can even enter menu and restart (not that it will un-freeze the picture, but still).

I`m not sure what you did with recent patch, but now it`s completely unplayable. All my weekly`s froze at least on one stage rendering me DNF, career had limited restarts so only ALT+F4 helps, but it gets boring after 5 crashes in a row. Before patch, it was mostly ok, froze every now and then but nothing serious. Drivers updated, reinstalled, bla bla - all the same.


And here`s sample:


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To be honest it sounds like a bug on your end.

Normally a game-loop inside the software runs the simulation and the rendering in succesion. At some point, if the rendering doesn't run, the simulation will stop as well. So if your game runs fine in the background and only the picture freezes, it sounds like an issue between the executable and the screen, and not inside the executable.
Try a different screen, if it freezes there as well.
Try a different cable or even cable type. I sometimes experience a short blackout on my HDMI cable, but I know it is the cable, cause it doesn't happen on the Displayport to my desk monitor.
Try a different exit port, if you have more than one available on your GPU.
Actually, that's where I suspect the issue, somewhere with the GPU. Cause once software sends rendering commands to the GPU, it is fire&forget. It doesn't know, if the picture actually got rendered to the screen and just happily calculates along as if nothing was wrong. If you can, try a different GPU.

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Check is your graphics card driver updated. And assuming you're using Steam check also from the game properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files.

I bet you've done this already but restart your computer. Because Windows.

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