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New F1 League for PC with Discord Server and Youtube channel !

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Hello to all interested players,

my name is Lukas and I'm a 20 year old German who loves Formula 1. In the F1 2012 and 2013 games I already organized a league an it was a lot of fun, so I want to create a new one. Besides the in-game league I created a new Discord server as well as a youtube channel, so that you have the options to talk to your team mates and/or watch the race later from a spectator view with my comment on it. (I will not participate as a driver, only as the organizer/commentator)

What do you need to participate?
- A wheel or at least a controller
- You can drive without the break assistent (all other driving aids are allowed)
- The attitude to drive fair and respect other drivers!

What are the (most important) rules?
- The race weekends will take place on every saturday at 17:00 GMT (starting the following saturday!!!) and they consists of 30 minutes of training, 18 minutes of qualifying and a 50% race (so one race "weekend" will take about one and a half to two hours!)
- We will drive the whole F1 2019 calender, so 21 races and starting with Australia!
- We drive with multiplayer cars, but you can create your own F1 Team! Just tell me the name of your team and make sure, that you choose the same livery as your team mate. (I will organize the team championship manually, so unfortunaly you won't be able to see the team standings in-game).
- Collision is on, but damage is (for now) reduced.
- Safety Car, formation lap, rules and flag are all activated.
- Race start is set on manual

How do I join the league?
- search in-game for "Captain's F1 League" and apply for it.
- join our Discord-Server (send me a friend request on steam(friend code: 96634386 or search for "Captain Nudelarm"), then I will invite you to our Discord)

Have any questions?
- Ask them below this thread

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope, that you are now more (or at least still) interested to participate in our initial race 🙂

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Hey mate if you drop me a message I may have something you would interested in collaborating, I run a PC league with nearly 250 members but am after some extra fire power in terms of running the league we already have streams setup and tiers in place but looking for extra help in getting stabaility into it. If you want to ask anymore or contact just let me know as I would be really interested in doing some work. Thanks or you can reach me in our discord if you click on my profile and find one of the adverts.


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