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After Racing after the Postponment of F1, with Full Grids and Clean Racing? - DMR [PC] After Drivers for Season 2 [All F1 Series Avaliable from No Assists to Assists running from Mon to Thu]

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Season 2 of our league underway and going well, we have a selection of 4 days of running from no assists to assists, tiers as well as F2. All races are streamed and commentated in the following schedule. If you are looking to get into league racing and want a place to do it then look no further, as everyone within the league has been there. As well if your an experienced league racer looking for a field of drivers to test your calibre then this is the place for you.

Season 2 Schedule
No Assists Tier - 20:00 CET on Monday 
Tier 2 - 20:00 CET on Tuesday
Tier 1 - 20:00 CET on Wednesday
Tier 3 - 20:00 CET on Thursday
F2 - New Date to be decided

All have assists allowed (apart from NA) and races are 50% and 18 mins short qualifying.

We aim to build a strong community of racers and help develop drivers to improve their skill set, but most importantly ensure clean racing. We run practice sessions through the week and all are welcome to join us.

League commentators, with every race broadcast live, as well as a dedicated admin team and FIA team to ensure clean racing.

Discord - https://discord.gg/SJScN6p

YouTube Channel for Race Streams- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCazHQEVSilz_NOdflTgTXyQ?view_as=subscriber

Twitch Channel for Race Streams - https://www.twitch.tv/deltamotorracing


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