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[PC] Delta Motor Racing After F2 Drivers to Restart Series

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Hello There

You may have seen our other post as well about the league, but we are looking to bring in some more drivers to restart our F2 series due to the lack of them within the f1 community due to the amount leagues that have shut them down due to low numbers. We have got a grid of about 12 drivers who want to participate but we need some more drivers to fill the rest of the grid and knowing the amount of F2 Drivers out their are few we hope to be able to get enough to offer an F2 series but we can only do that advertising. If you wish to paritipcate or want to join you can join the discord here and say your after F2. Races would most liekly be held on Sundays.


Discord - https://discord.gg/SJScN6p


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