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[GRID 2019][PC][wheel] Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Racing Wheel not working

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I have a "Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Racing Wheel" (see attached picture below). As soon as GRID 2019 finished loading, my steering wheel is suddenly steering hard left with full force and does not let go, as if the motors are going crazy. I was not able to fix this and hence not able to play GRID with my wheel.

I am aware that my wheel is a bit old and seems not to be listed in the officially supported wheels (see link below). I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same problem and found a solution. I have problems with my wheel with the older Codemaster games, but for example Dirt Rally 2.0 works fine.



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If i remember right the degrees of rotation have to be set to anything other then AUT on the wheel. I have this wheel and noticed that issue too.

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