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Steering axis alignment issue

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Hello, having taken the game recently. I encounter a problem, my steering wheel is not properly calibrated in its axis.


when i turn full left its -100% :



when i stay in middle its -2% :



when i turn full right its 98% :



In my T300rs panel, everything works fine



I don't have this issue in other games


Can someone help me? thank you

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I had the same wheel and did you try this in the FAQ section:


Reconfiguring the  racing  wheel's  center  value (If the  racing  wheel is slightly off-center in  the  Control Panel) -  If  using  a  PS3/PS4,  we  recommend  performing  this procedure in  the  PS3/PS4  system's  menu (not  in  a  game). -  If  using  a  PC,  we  recommend  performing  this procedure via  the  Windows®  Desktop  (not  in  a game),  after  exiting the  Control Panel. 1)  Connect the  racing  wheel's  USB  cable  (on  PS3/PS4  or on  PC),  then  wait  for the  autocalibration  phase  to  end. 2)  Turn  the  racing  wheel  fully  to the  left  (until  you reach the  stop). 3)  Turn  the  racing  wheel  fully  to the  right (until  you reach the  stop). 4)  Make  sure  that  your racing  wheel is  perfectly  centered  ;  while  holding  it  in  this position,  press the  START, SELECT  &  MODE  buttons  simultaneously  : *  PS  &  GT  WHEEL  =  «  SE  + ST +  MODE  »   * F1  WHEEL  =  «  BO  +  WET  +  MODE  » * 458  CHALLENGE  GTE  WHEEL  =  «  SCROLL  + RIGHT  PADDLE  Shifter  +  MODE  » * TM Leather  28  GT  WHEEL  =  «  RED  BUTTON  +  RIGHT  PADDLE  Shifter  +  MODE  » * 599XX  EVO  30  ALCANTARA®  WHEEL  =  «  RADIO  + RIGHT PADDLE  Shifter +  MODE  » 5)  The  racing  wheel's  LED briefly  changes  colour,  then reverts  to  its initial  colour. This  means  that  the  wheel's center  value  has been reset  and automatically  saved  to the  device's internal  memory  (you  do  not  need  to  repeat  the  procedure  every time  you  connect  the  racing wheel); this  applies to  all  of  the  wheels  (PS,  GT,  F1,  458  GTE,  etc.). YOU ARE  NOW READY  TO  RACE! 


You can find the original link here (FAQ):




Hope this helps..

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