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Steering Wheel rotation doesn't match

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Posted (edited)

Hello all after some while

Graphical representation of steering wheel doesn't match steering wheel controller.

I narrowed it down to the following facts:

  1. By default, after controller calibration with 100% steering axis saturation, it matches perfectly cars like Ford Fiesta R5 WRC and all other cars with the same steering lock.
  2. Once I jump into a car with different steering lock I need to modify saturation to match both wheels. For example Subaru Impreza 97 requires 75% of saturation.

It's obvious changing saturation changes also a feeling of a car. I found that setting saturation to make visualization matching the controller makes car better to drive. Which indirectly might prove that indeed changing saturation is needed.

Unfortunately it's cumbersome especially in game modes in which changing cars is part of the game. For example Colin McRae campaign. This mode doesn't even offer option to trst a track before actual race which I usually  use to match wheels.
Also as playing in VR discrepancy  between visible steering wheel rotation  and muscle memory doesn't help.

I have reported this issue months ago assuming it's a bug. Right now this thing did not improve. So maybe the problem is on my end?

Any one experienced the same? Can anyone help me to get consistent steering wheel rotation across all cars?

I'm using TX steering wheel set in driver to 900*. Calibrated in the game, Soft Lock in game enabled.

with regards

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