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Bug TH8A


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Hello has all, since the launch of the game, we are many must not to be able to run our TH8A in mode in H...
In cause, a bug which prevents us from configuring our gears in the assignments of commands...
Every time we select the mode " Manuelle+Embrayage " and every time one want to assign every gears, the cursor goes back automatically there "not assigned" as soon as we put the vehicle in gear......
Have you an idea where from little to come the problem?
Or has to one wait for a corrective of developers?

Excuse my English, I am Belgian...
Thank you
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Sorry to hear your shifter is not working. :(  

My TH8A is working fine in H-gate shifter mode with my T300RS wheel. What wheel/pedals are you using?

Hopefully google can translate the above into Belgian without the message getting lost. :) 
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It is good, I finally succeeded has to solve the problem, there is a corrective file which is went out on " Race departement "...
Thus if as me you have problems with the functioning of your TH8A, fast go to see...
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