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I am 78 years old just getting into sim racing (any kind of gaming for that matter).  I have started by building my racing seat, Thrustmaster TX Ferrari Wheel and pedal set.  Forza 7 and F1 2019 using XBox One.  I raced Karts from 1973 - 1996 in American World Karting Association (WKA) B Stock (Dual 100cc) Enduro class all across the USA.  So far my learning curve is very high, I think because I don't know or understand the use of the controllers (Wheel or Handheld).  I have searched all over to find a manual that goes into detail on the use of these controllers.  For example:  I want to practice at only one track and one car at a time until I learn both the track and the wheel.  No where can I find a manual for Forza or F1 in pdf form so I can print it and them go at the pace I need to go to learn.  Is there some help out there and where can I find it?  TIA Haw


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