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"Communicating Server" hardly ever!!


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correct "failed to load clubs"

Browsing clubs via web browser fails often too. dev tools shows that 2kB of data loads 30s.

I really cannot imagine how the system can fail to retrieve a few records (single club main page as example)

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46 minutes ago, ToMythTo said:

I was just going 1st in my rally event and it refused to upload. Closed the game. My credits have steamed😡 does any body working on this issue over there?

Answer is likely No. From my 9 months experience with DR2, they always figuring out problems on Mondays. And we will be lucky if they fix it tomorrow, because there were situations in the past lasting days even if no weeks.
In general I'm not against single player dependant on servers connectivity but current situation doesn't allow to play SP at all. And it's serious CM's **** up.

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