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FFB fault Japan


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version 1.22, PS4. Career mode, 50% race in Japan in season 3. After a few laps the force feedback of my thrust master t300 rs GT wheel completely failed, making steering way too light and giving me a floating feeling. Every time that this happened, it occurred towards the end of sector 1, usually through Dunlop. At first, I tried a mid-session save and PlayStation restart which fixed it for a few laps. However, the issue came back. I noticed I was able to fix it for a lap, by pausing for about ten seconds, until it came back around the same part of the lap the next time. The force feedback settings were the same throughout.

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36 minutes ago, 1512marcel said:

Did you checkout this post?


Ps4, not really much you can do. It's just one of those glitches that pops up sometimes. Same when in online, FFB can be good, someone with a ***** connection enters the lobby and every feeling instantly dissapears. But on PS4 you can't do a lot.

connect it to pc, update the firmware, and set overall ffb to default as do the rest. 

perhaps resetting the wheel in bootloader to write complete clean file may help. 

further is there nothing you can do. 

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