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Why no dedicated Formula D / D1GP game, Codies?

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I love the drift mechanics in the original GRID. They were tons of fun, and there were lots of cool cars to pick.

So I have to wonder, why didn't Codemasters make a dedicated D1GP game? The Tuner guys would have nommed that so hard they'd probably be begging for a dedicated World Time Attack game next.

I suppose a dedicated Tuner branch is fine too...
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Because licensing is not easy.

Not every racing series can be easily obtained with reasonable price as some racing series, like DTM cost a fortune to license the DTM name without the cars. Then, you need to obtain car licensing from each manufacturer and also the specific tuned version of each car from D1 teams.If I am not wrong, you also need to obtain each decal licensing too to use them in your game. That havent even include the actual development of the game.

It is just not worth the effort to go through so many hoops, if its a racing series that not many people wants. I like a D1 game but I dont think it will happen anytime soon.
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Nice idea but as Cheesnium says, highly unlikely due to licensing issues and lack of general interest etc.

Like you I loved grid 1 drift, spent many, many hours drifting with friends online, I even joined a Grid 1 drift team, all because of grid 1.

Then along came the Mount Haruna drift mod which replaced Lemans track with the full touge track and the LMP cars with drift cars.

Grid 1 drift was why I went for a triple screen setup in the long run (soo much easier to avoid a crash when you can see outta the side windows :)

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  • Codemasters Staff
RubyRuby said:
Probably a pretty small market for an all Drift game I would think; a niche within a niche?
This. If you want to go sideways on four wheels, buy a shopping trolley.
You know I've never seen anywhere with shopping trollies for sale. I hypothesise that nobody sells them, all the supermarkets just steal them from other supermarkets.
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