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Bug - Gearbox Wear 70% after two races


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1. My gearbox has an extreme rate of wear, like stated, 70% after two races. I am with Ferrari in season 4 and have all the reliability gearbox upgrades.

2. I’m on version 1.22 on Xbox One.

3. In my Career mode that is 4 seasons long.

4. It has happened multiple times in my career

5. It has happened since the end of season 3 with the same team, Ferrari

6. I have restarted my console and left it off for a day and have checked for any updates on the game and console. I don’t really want to reinstall the game as I have bad internet and it will take a couple of days to reinstall.

7. I use a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel for Xbox One.

8. Image given.

If anyone knows how to fix it or a possible solution please comment it I really need this fixed it just wrecks the gameplay experience.


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