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Pikes Peak Pack - Out Now


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so people have consistently been complaining that the AI difficulty is too HIGH, that you can't even beat the AI on the easiest difficulty level, and now they've gone and raised the difficulty level even more?

quite a bizarre decision.
I disagree; it's not easy to win (rightly so), but it is easy to be top 4 or 5 because the AI can be very spread out. Let's try the new settings and see how they compare.

the thing is, it SHOULD be easy to win - on the easy settings. if they've ramped up the difficulty on the highest settings then fair play, but they haven't clarified what exactly they've done. 

let's not forget as well that the majority of people playing the game at the moment - since it's early access - are people who are really into rally, really want this game, and can spend a lot of time on it practicing. 

i've put in over 10 hours on this game so far. when i do the daily online events, i usually come mid-mid to high-mid. so, i think i've had enough practice, and my driving seems to be at least average if not a little bit above-average compared to other human players (despite the fact i use a controller and not a wheel), and i still get slaughtered on the easiest difficulty level by the AI. something is not right there.

if they released the game to the general public with the current AI levels the forums would be absolutely flooded with complaints about the AI difficulty, i can virtually guarantee that.
Not everyone who has DiRT rally are hardcore rally fans, i'd says its about 50/50 between hardcore rally fans and casual racing gamers.
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The biggest thumbs up from me is for revised clutch and H-Shifter operation. Now it's finally possible to do fast downshifts with heel&toe. Those of us, who drive mostly pre-'80s cars eagerly waited for it. New reverb effects on TV cams during replay are also very nice.
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Big thanks to the team for the work behind (impression of the climb is really nice and excellent revival of the "real" pikes peak with tarmac & gravel).

To be honest and constructive, there are 2 big issues IMHO:
- FFB (not new and known obviously), on which the feeling is quite terrible with this type of cars,
- asphalt feeling (not specific to Pikes Peak BTW), on which it's really on/off (brake, reaccellaration, in curve). On this surface, it really looks like an arcade game.

I have been heavilly involved on rally community mod through rfactor1 with input from real drivers and engineers, and while the gravel feeling is fantastic on Dirt, the asphalt one is really weak.

Hope the FFB fix will solve this sentiment, otherwise the German pack will come with the same weakness. Maybe some improvement on the grip on the stages could change it as well. Looking forward to the upcoming updates and keep continue :)

Really wish to have the soft open for modding as I'm sure community could make some test too.

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That was asked during the livestream and their answer is that they want to open up the classes but want to finish the tarmac physics for all cars first. Rally Germany hits DiRT Rally next month so I would assume that they'd include the updated tarmac physics in that update and maybe, if we ask real nice, they will open it up then!  :)
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Ledanek said:
Too those with FFB issue, please post your current FFB setting.
okay, fine....I'll start

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<FFBEffects soloRampRate="1000" soloAttenuation="0">

<FFBEffectSelfAligningTorque device="wheel" scale="1.0"/>

<FFBlateral device="wheel" scale="1.0" velocityFactor="0.03" frictionGripScalar="60.0" frictionSurfaceScalar="5.0"/>

<FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.3" sample="smallCollisionWheel"/>
<FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.6" sample="largeCollisionWheel"/>

<FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="2.5" thresholdHigh="20.0" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>

<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="0.07" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionLow"/>
<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="0.07" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionHigh"/>
<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="2.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionLow"/>
<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="2.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionHigh"/>
<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="2.5" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionLow"/>
<FFBCollision device="pad" scale="2.5" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionHigh"/>

<FFBSkid device="pad" scale="0.55" thresholdLow="0.9" thresholdHigh="1.1" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="4" freqHigh="30.0" load="1.0" length="0.2" sample="skidBack"/>
<FFBSkid device="pad" scale="0.45" thresholdLow="1.0" thresholdHigh="1.3" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="16.0" freqHigh="16.0" load="1.0" length="0.1" sample="skidFront"/>

<FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="2.0" thresholdLow="1.7" thresholdHigh="20.0" length="0.25" freq="10" sample="suspensionR1"/>
<FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.045" thresholdLow="0.06" thresholdHigh="1.0" length="0.1" freq="5" sample="suspensionL1"/>

<FFBRevs device="wheel" scale="0.1" thresholdLow="0.1" thresholdHigh="1.2" freqLow="1" freqHigh="20.0" scaleLow="0.2" scaleHigh="0.95" length="0.1" sample="revEffect"/>

<FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="61125521121"/>
<FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98721" channel="1"/>

<FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="986454321"/>
<FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="982312531"/>
<FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="986454321" channel="1"/>
<FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="982312531" channel="1"/>

<FFBSample name="skidBack" wave="9" envelope="9" channel="0" solo="1"/>
<FFBSample name="skidFront" wave="9" envelope="9" channel="1" solo="1"/>

<FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98675462584" solo="1"/>
<FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98765432629" solo="1"/>
<FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98675462594" channel="1" solo="1"/>
<FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98765432628" channel="1" solo="1"/>

<FFBSample name="suspensionR1" wave="9" envelope="9564720" channel="0"/>
<FFBSample name="suspensionL1" wave="1" envelope="9564720" channel="1"/>

<FFBSample name="revEffect" wave="91" envelope="9" channel="1"/>

<FFBSample name="smallCollisionWheel" wave="124689" envelope="97654321000"/>
<FFBSample name="largeCollisionWheel" wave="5697641345" envelope="9879987542312"/>

<FFBSample name="suspensionWheel" wave="64" envelope="9"/>

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LaPremier said:
Total disappointment with this pack. Cannot realize, for what it made. First of  all, picture does not impress too much in comparison with Dirt 1 or even CMRR-04. And then... simply nothing to do there. No sensible intakes we can find to pass this track better. Simply rush by straight, then stop, then rush again. Physics absolutly primitive, generally worse than even in Monaco. You must only know where to stop (not brake, but just stop) before turn. So, boring and empty.
I really hope you're being sarcastic :smiley: 

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I found the game rate was absolutely atrocious on my 980 at 2560x1440 res... Then installed newest Nvidia drivers, optimised the game via Geforce Experience, and it's hugely better now.

One thing I find personally though, and it might be to do with the blurring in game, is that playing it for a while tires out my eyes, so it's hard to read the Desktop text when you exit the game. Of course playing it late may not help...!
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Good idea to put pikes peak in, the course looks nice.

But to be honnest, I'm disappointed by a few things:
- The car selection is great ... but it would have been so much better to have the full gravel version of the course , since these cars (1987 & 1988) never saw  clean tarmac irl. (you can find videos pretty easily of the 87 race)
- From there may come a little problem with the grip levels, again, these 600+ bhp beasts just don't move a lot on the gravel part, especially in the hairpins, & acceleration zones, while they are unstable on the tarmac sections. 

Well, there is room for improvement, but that Grip option some suggested should really be in (simply get it in the menu, with a coefficient applied to the AI times - and every type of players will be happy :) )

Apart from these 2 points, it's a rather nice update, nice to see some factory liveries btw.
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