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Blurred image with CMAA and FPS drop in front of crowd stands

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Hi, I have two problems with the graphics settings of Dirt Rally 2.0. The first problem is that when I activate CMAA, in some RallyCross tracks (only in some tracks, such as Lohéac... I attach images) I see the image completely blurred. Putting 2 X MSAA all comes back OK. I would prefer to use CMAA for higher performance

With CMAA:


With 2 x MSAA:


The second problem is a FPS drop just when I pass in front of the crowd stands of the RallyCross tracks. Drop from 60/80 to 30/40 fps. In normal rallies I solved by turning off the crowd. Unfortunately, the option does not affect the crowd stands of the RallyCross tracks.

Do you have any suggestions?




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