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Bug Report - Garbled image when looking back

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Bug Report Form


System Spec

Intel Core i5 3570


Nvidia GeForce GTX 780



Steps to reproduce

Any car, any stage, any stage %, only on external cameras.

How long was your current session?

About 10 minutes, but session time doesn't affect this issue.

Which graphics preset were you using?

Ultra. Every setting is maxed out except AA, which is at 4xMSAA. Running at 1920x1080 and VSync enabled with refresh rate of 60Hz.


At any point, if I click the analog on my controller to instantly look back, I get a garbled image very briefly. It almost looks as if the camera is spinning around the car very fast instead of just "snapping" to the rear view like it would in the previous DiRT games. I checked a video recording of the issue and it seems that it persists for around 3-5 frames. It's very very brief, especially as 60FPS, but it's noticeable because of how drastic it is. If I repeatedly click the button, it can drop my FPS to around 40 because of the amount of blur it's trying to process.


This image is what the garbled 3-5 frames look like. It's very messy looking, and as I said before, it's very noticeable because it's a fullscreen issue.

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I play with shader at ultra low so even without the motion blur I also get a very brief distortion on the screen when moving the camera with the right analog stick really fast. Also it appears this happens on fullscreen only too, windowed works fine.

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