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Austria Classic Grand Prix weekly event no prizes??

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Can someone from Codemasters please tell me why we haven't recieved our competition points and trophy from the previous Weekly event. I spent alot of my time preparing to get a decent score and was proud to be in the top 7% with the slower Williams 96 car. Will we get our prizes and when? Alot of people would like to know. You don't answer emails so I'm forced to sign up here and try to get an answer this way. WE WANT OUR PRIZES, this is turning me off F1 2019. Why compete if we don't get what we're told we'll get? We can't share our accomplishments with our friends or rivals. Why waste our time? 

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Hi @Mike5500,

Forum thread for the Weekly rewards is here: 

Please, to avoid double posting, search the forums for your issue and see if there is already information on your query 🙂 

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