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Setup Save Location


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I disabled the autosave game. However, while playing I saved a set-up during a career mode. Unfortunately, my PC decided to restart and it seems that I lost the progress. Now I'm trying to continue the game and don't seem to be able to get the handling like it was. SO I'm really in need of that setup that I saved

My questions

1) is it possible to recover the lost progress, which could be stored on some local drive (I know its a stretch)

2) where is the setup stored cos I can't seem to find any on Steam cloud (even those in the autosaved) or in local drive

3) I found some files e.g ghost_GL0006D.GL are those "ghost from time trial" if not what are they 

4) is it possible to have multiple saved file for the same career mode if you disable autosave and saved the game locally


Appreciate you input 


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