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F1 Corona League


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FHello everyone I am Sandro and want you to drive for the Corona F1 2 019 league. Join our discord:


We are looking for 20 drivers. If you are able to join our league depends on your Time trails I’ll ask you to send me. 


We race  every Wednesday And Sunday at 21:30 German time, but this could also change due to the server problems codemaster has around 6-9pm. 


the rules for this league is 


-50 percent races short quali, full damage
-No taking people out if so you get a strike, carry on and you’ll get disqualified. 

 -Any assists you want can be used      

- do not rejoin the track unsafe.                                                                                                                                                                               

 -There will be a formation lap.                                                                                                                         

  -Fastest lap will get you one point. 

-pit assists are available. 

-  you aren’t allowed to finish the race with AI-Car. 

- it is a good idea to film the race as we are gonna ask people that have a accident to show it to us 

And we hope to see you in the league 


don’t be confused by the small amount of members that there are yet we just started the league! 
5/20 spots are already gone. 
we will accept some reserve drivers.

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