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Dirt Rally: Erratic annd Jittery motion telemetry


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I am experiencing some problems with the motion data coming out of Dirt Rally.

The motion data keeps dropping back down to zero then jumping back up to the proper values.

This results is very jittery and erratic motion. Not the normal motion I would get from any of the other codemasters games. 

This seems to be some sort of a strange timing issue because it is affecting some computers and not other.

I have 2 motion systems on my rig, a DIY 2 DOF motion simulator powered by SimTool and a GS-4 powered by Sim Commander. Both programs have the same problem.

You can also see this problem on the G force meters on Dashmeter Pro or any other type of dashboard program.

Here are some videos of the problem.

In this test I am just graphing the longitudinal G forces while accelerating and braking. These should be smooth lines as I accelerate and brake but instead then keep dropping back down to zero. This is in Sim Commander.


These 2 are in SimTools using 2 different plugins. One uses ExtraData=0 and the other uses ExtraData=3. If you want the values in the Surge, Sway and Heave (These are the G forces) you will see them drop back down to zero randomly. The roll pitch and yaw seem to update fine. It is just the G Force data that is jittery.


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I have the same problem as Avenga76 and have to apply a lot of smoothing to get any decent motion feedback. 

I used the G-force meter in dashmeter pro and the G-forces jump all over the place even on flat surfaces.
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