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Few gripes and some suggestions


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Really enjoying the game so far, been playing since a week after release.  Noticed a few things that could be considered bugs/gripes I guess.  Also suggested some improvements from a personal point of view...

  • 2010 Mini on night tracks - Headlight beam too low compared to other cars.
  • One of the pace notes in Monte Carlo calls for a 5 right when its more likely a 2 right.  Can't remember the stage but perhaps others have noticed the same one?
  • Pace notes missing towards end of a stage in Wales rally (Pant Mawr).  Icons show on screen but no sound.
  • Some notes called too late on some stages, even on the "early" setting in audio options.
Some suggestions:
  • Timetrial leaderboards (this is a TT based racing event afterall) with the ability to view the leaderboards between events.  Perhaps even having a PB flash up online if you set your new stage record.  Even better if your overall global leaderboard position showed up on the round results with a PB next to that if that was set in the race.
  • Ability to test any track and amend setup mid track via options menu. 
  • Ability to rewind in test environment to certain points of a track to test setup options.
  • Overall event leaderboard position between stages, including the time differential.  This only appears at the service park stages, which may be an intended feature, however I'd prefer to see how much I have to chase up or not.
  • Ability to quit a Championship as opposed to discarding each event.  Retiring each event for money will relegate you in the championship, which is a cool feature to be fair.
  • Team Management - Perhaps for each engineer you hire, they come with good setup advice for certain events/stages/cars.  May help the new guys in the community who need a bit of real world help instead of the scientific description of compression and rebound settings.  Perhaps each engineer has a gem of knowledge on things such toe in/out on certain stages if you get what I mean...  In the meantime, people can still read this which is still pretty relevant in this game http://guides.gamepressure.com/colinmcraedirt/guide.asp?ID=3051
Thanks for reading and hope some of you can suggest some more...

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