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Grapich and Gameplay Bug (PC)

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- [PC] - Graphics error - Textures crash.

Hi everyone! I have some problems with the game. The first of them is evident that as soon as you start the game with Directx12, the textures are grainy. Then opening with Directx11, the textures of the cars and the sky (you can see everything in the photos).

Version 1.22

In any game mode, I hardly enter the game

The problem arose the moment I entered the game, although the quality of the textures totally decreased and I had them at a very low quality.


The problem always happens.

I have tried various solutions, such as checking the integrity of the data, deleting and downloading the game again and checking if I had all the updates downloaded.

Mouse Genius
Netmak keyboard
Razer Headphones
PS4 joystick



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