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G920 wheel settings (xbox) on Grid 2019

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5 hours ago, zmettal said:

i bought grid today and i cant calibrate my G920, the force feedback seens not working, i'm ******

I can solve this for you:

Firstly, select your wheel from your list of available devices (controller + wheel) 'load device preset' and restart the game. If you don't do this on first use then for some reason the wheel has no FFB or centre clamping. 

When done return to the same menu and 'edit' your wheel settings. In there you can amongst other things calibrate the wheel and tweak the FFB. *NOTE* when calibrating your range of motion don't set the wheel at less than 270 degrees (540 degrees total) or the vehicles swing wildly from side to side when driving them. My preference was 360 degrees of movement in both directions because I felt the full 900 degrees was a little too much. Also, I didn't see any range of motion sliders for the pedals so if you haven't removed the bung from inside the spring of your brake pedal you may struggle when trying to get full braking force. Some pedals are worse than others but mine needed Herculean strength to push the pedal beyond 60% range of motion so I took the bung out and it's infinitely better now.

My FFB settings are max (default) but am still finding that there's no real feedback from either the track surface or kerbs but aside from that it feels quite good.

*Disclaimer*. Removing the bung will invalidate your warranty for both the wheel and pedals so don't do it on my advice.

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