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Restoring save files

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Among the various error messages I've been encountering in the past few days due to server overload, I was lately greeted by this one, which bothers me much more...


I immediately quit the game and rushed to find the save files, which I found in the Steam userdata folders of the game ; I managed to salvage a savefile dated before the issue occurred.

Now my issue is this : how can I restore my progress ? Everytime I launch the game and go to Events I get this message (I've never gone further to try and not overwrite anything). I have tried copying the backed up savefile to the \Steam\userdata\[number]\690790\local\savegame folder, which was empty, to no avail, and can't seem to find any fix online...


I was on the last rally of the Masters championship, 1st in the ranking, I really don't want to lose all this playtime over some connectivity issues with the game servers... please help !


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I've never tried the following nor I recommend it, because in the end that error is still between local (which should be the same as in steam cloud) vs racenet data.

Looking at the files, the way to restore the local profile to a previous state could be to discard the current/newer savegame@profile#* file pair on userdata\<user>\690790\remote, and replace them with a copy of the older savegame@profile_backup#* (if the date corresponds to the desirable previous state). The problem with that, is that when you connect to racenet there should still be a mismatch since the last time you've connected to them and a newer remote save was created on racenet, so you'll probably still have the championships reset, or even worse, risk having the whole career reset, depending on how they manage these assyncs.

I've had a similar situation this week on a bad connection day, after exiting time trial and going back to main menu on a session where I didn't even touch the pending masters rx championship (only Club events), so it got reset with the same message.

TBH, all this sync process should be more resilient if the game doesn't allow a user to manage backups/save slots (to avoid save-scumming, maybe), or at least offer the chance to return to a previous championship state when such unexpected errors occur (from a local auto-backup or at least racenet's own). This can be very damaging to the relation between CM and its costumers, specially if a whole career reset is still a possibility.

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Well that's interesting... In other words, since racenet manages data on its own, independently from Steam, there's not much the user can do to it (unlike the Steam Cloud where you can choose between local and remote data if there's a mismatch), which is pretty ridiculous...


I should also add that just like you, I did not touch my championship either during my last session ; so I don't know how the game tracks progress but it seems one single error can ruin the whole thing.

Also I didn't know about the whole career reset being a possibility, makes this even worse... What's weird regarding the backup# files is that in my case they're actually more recent than the save files, and seem to be dated to the 1st time I got the message ; I really don't understand how those saves work.


I'm still hoping CM can do something about this...

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🤔 on my system backup# are usually older, with dates that seem to have created at the start of a session (a bit sooner that the others) or some hours back on a previous session,  but I didn't check at the moment the championship error happened last time.

For whole Career resets, they seem quite rare, but unfortunately some reports pop up here and then (link). For the reasons on my previous post, I don't believe disabling Steam cloud saves (as suggested on that thread) would be of any help on this particular issue.

@PJTierney sorry to ping you on this, but this tidbit of info might be worth to pass to devs, career Championship progress resets happening on sessions facing connectivity issues where the user doesn't even touch the championship.

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