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F1 setups

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Ok can anybody explain to me why in time trial you can get a decent time and then when you use the setup in the race it’s like driving a milk float. ? I know it’s not that bad but the car handles differently from time trial and race ? How can you get the setup right for the race if it’s different from time trial ?

also the setups I’ve seen on line and on here same to be generic yes we all have to tweak them a little to suit our driving style but if they are generic why when you put them on different cars the car handles different in time trial? 

also I’ve noticed that all the top time trial leaders use the Mercedes why is there something we don’t know I would of thought that all the cars are the same in time trial or have I got that wrong ?

i know it seems long but these are things I’ve found myself as I can’t seem to be competitive in league races even tho my time trial times are pretty fast far from the fastest but in the race I can’t get anywhere near my time trial times anybody know why ? 

any answers to the above will help.



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Posted (edited)

TT is low fuel, full ERS, and MAX fuel on soft tires that don't wear.  You add fuel, back down the power, and then add less grippy tires and it becomes more boat like in comparison.

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