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So... We might have broken the weekly Event this week


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So we got a little carried away in the v.0.4 update and in our excitement to push the button on giving you six stages we didn’t anticipate that it would cause an issue for everybody who completed the weekly before the update.

The short version is that if you took part in the weekly before the update you won’t be able to do the two new stages (unless you reset the event from the details screen,) if you have started the weekly since the update then you won’t have a hope in hell of beating the players who did the older four stage version.

Now we could have wiped all the four stagers from the leaderboard but that wouldn’t be fair on those who already finished it so what we’re going to do is base this week’s rewards on only the first four stages (if you started after the update you’ll still need to complete all six to register a result).

Next week everybody will run the new and improved six stage event.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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