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Weekly event score


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I just completed this week's event (Hamilton - Germany - PS4), and I noticed that I got assists bonus 31.379.

I have all assists off, manual gearbox with clutch, parc ferme ON, no flashbacks, ...

But I saw some guys get 34.364 points.


How is this possible?

How is this scoring point system working?


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Racing line off, manual ERS, pitstop assist OFF, ... Basically everything is off.


Yes, I had 2 warnings, but this should count as clean lap bonus.. I think it shouldn't affect assists bonus.  Main question why some guys get 35.000 points for no assists, and I got 31.000.. 


I'm thinking, maybe because I was on 103 AI, and they was on 106 or more, but thats why they get more points for difficulty bonus.. still dont understand assists bonus system. 


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22 minutes ago, ReimvomSchleim said:

Seems very odd indeed, I cannot imagine anything else that could/should effect this score. 

Have you retried the event ever since? Has it happened again? 

I actually tried it before, but i got penalty so i finished 2nd, and objective failed. Same settings, different assists bonus.


Although I think, it was level 102 in previous run, so i guess AI level affect both assists bonus, and difficulty bonus.20200409_143852.thumb.jpg.22732cd2d2780939dad02e7aed7be143.jpg



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