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How many cars can I have in garage (Career)

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13 hours ago, IgorPr said:

Now there is a weekly AI challenge Group B...


which level/difficulty of IA I will be facing in than challenge?


AI Challenges use around 50% AI Difficulty I believe, either that or Medium.


Personally, I'm taking more of a liking to the MG Metro 6R4. It's naturally aspirated so you don't have all the complications of driving a turbo-powered car. Very stable too.

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If you are low on credits I would advise you to buy only one car per class
And drive the daily events, I am a bad driver and get 200.000 credits per day

For group A I advise you to use the Lancia Delta Integrale, the car is hard to handle but if you are careful with the accelerator this car will go the fastest times.

And don't forget your crew 😉
Your mechanics, team boss and your co-driver also want to upgrade their car, so you can shorten the repair time drastically


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I really like the Mg Metro, but in time trials at least in my case I was losing too much time. Strangely I think I get more or less the same prices in daily events with the Delta S4 than with the Audi Quattro  (must write Delta S4 is stock without engine upgrades, and Audi completely upgraded) but I did feel an improvement in Group A with the Lancia Delta HF Integrale


I have seen this video from a user of this forum, and to my suprise could not believe that he barely has differences in his shakedown times (well.. maybe default setup, medium tires have something to do.... plus the short distance, maybe his driving is superb...) between Lancia Delta S4 and Audi Quattro. Confirmed that MG Metro is "slow" regarding other cars in this class. 

I was kind of fast with the Audi (in my own league and with a lot of things to improve, sometimes losing 1' in a long stage compared to WR, or even more)... but I lacked consistency and was just crashing a lot... With the Lancia I feel a tiny bit more in control



Regarding daily and weekly challenges I am quite confused now, how is determined the category, in order to give the credits from category 1 o category 2? Because I believe that I am always in the first 25% of users (maybe I am wrong)

A week ago I was getting category 1 prices with Lancia Fulvia, Lancia Stratos, and then everything else category 2... right now I drive more or less the same... and get always category 2, I am near 1000 place always... but before I was getting (hardly ever) category 1 prices, and now always category 2





Hardly ever I get 200.000 credits per day (mainly  due to missing R5 cars, H2 fwd and quite a fer more classes) ... but the upgrading money on engine mapping and then to unlock the configuration (tuning) plus other things (durability of suspension, brakes, etc) were consuming my credits in most of the cars

Now with the Fulvia in rally career mode, Corsa in Rx career mode I am focusing a little bit more in upgrading engineers (I only have 2), my copilot and Crew Chief are already maxed out

It is very strange, I did New Zealand (weekly event) with the Lancia Delta HF and I have found it very easy to drive, maybe I was not fast enough or the location/setup favoured me but a very enjoyable car, more than any Subaru from Class A I must write ...

Funny thing, I was winning by minutes every career rally with the Fulvia after switching from Audi Quattro (my skills I believe remain almost the same, with the Audi I only won MonteCarlo by minutes, and I could have won Argentina by minutes) until I got to Scotland with heavy rain with the Fulvia. Losing a couple of seconds per stage and laughing a little bit... Maybe locations had favoured me until now... MonteCarlo, Germany, Argentina and New Zealand with easy wins everywhere

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