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I just registered in this forum because I would like to know the max number of cars I can have in Dirt rally 2.0 garage career, and strangely to me I have not found it on Internet.

I have played Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and must say not a big fan of all those games... due to having problems in order to get my Logitech Momo Racing Wheel working these days of COVID. I did have a nice Thrustmaster T300 RS Gt edition, but it passed away half a year ago, and I have not been able to buy another wheel... so I got back from the basement my old Logitech Momo Racing wheel.

I must write I can not have it working properly in Dirt Rally 2.0, have not tried in other games of Codemasters, but it does work well in Assetto Corsa and rfactor2


thank you for reading

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